SAIF OBI CompSAFE Program Closes a Strong Year December 2016

An impressive roster of new members helped to grow the SAIF OBI CompSAFE group workers’ compensation insurance program during 2016. A total of 32 new CompSAFE members signed up in the fourth quarter of 2016, closing one of the best years for the program.

“We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the program this year and there could be no greater tribute to the strong partnership between SAIF and OBI than results like this,” says Jay Clemens, OBI’s CEO.

For the calendar year 2016, 89 new businesses signed up for coverage in one of the five separate programs that make up the CompSAFE plan, adding more than $2.25 million of premium volume to the program.

Here is a list of the new members that joined CompSAFE in the fourth quarter of 2016. Where available, we’ve added a live link to the company website. Please take a look at the list and see if there are OBI members you currently do business with. If so, drop them a line and welcome them aboard. If not, you may find a new business partner in one of OBI’s new members: