Need Out of State Workers’ Compensation Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered.

For years, OBI CompSAFE clients with an out-of-state presence have been clamoring for a seamless solution for their workers’ compensation coverage. SAIF’s “Other States Coverage Program” is available to eligible OBI CompSAFE members.

The Many Benefits of Our Other States Coverage

  • Ease of purchasing workers’ compensation for all eligible states through a single source
  • Consolidated billing for all workers’ compensation policies
  • Coordination of safety services between SAIF and Zurich
  • No minimum premium threshold – some policies are as modest as $178 a year; some reach upwards of $600,000
  • Access to online claims information and automated loss run distribution
  • Access to a nationwide network of providers
  • Stopgap coverage available in monopolistic states
  • Customized pricing


To be considered for participation in the Other States Coverage Program, you must
meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • The payroll for your Oregon workers is at least 50% of your payroll for all workers
  • You are incorporated in the State of Oregon
  • You are headquartered in the State of Oregon

To learn how SAIF’s Other States Coverage Program and OBI CompSAFE can help
you consolidate workers’ compensation coverage under one roof, call 888.598.5880
or email us. If you have questions about OBI or OBI membership, please contact us
at 503-588-0050 or visit

Shopping for Workers’ Compensation coverage has never been easier!