Good News…Great Rates

Participants in one of Oregon Business & Industry’ (OBI) largest group benefits programs are getting some terrific news. For the nearly 770 OBI members currently taking advantage of the SAIF OBI CompSAFE program for workers’ compensation insurance, new discounts on premium have just been announced.

SAIF OBI CompSAFE consists of five (5) separate group workers’ compensation programs designed to meet the unique needs of several broad industry classifications. The new discounts will be:

  • Services – 19%
  • Transportation – 16%
  • Manufacturing – 11%
  • Retail/Wholesale Sales
  • 5% • General – 7%

Earlier this year, the SAIF OBI CompSAFE plan serving the General industries classification category announced its discount for the year (which started on July 1 and will run for twelve full months going forward) will be 7 percent. The four other plans have plan years that begin October 1, 2015 and run for twelve full months going forward.

The discounts for all five groups make the SAIF OBI CompSAFE program one of the most competitive in the state.

“The depth and strength of our partnership with SAIF goes far beyond the immediate benefits of excellent discounts,” says Jay Clemens, CEO of OBI. “SAIF continues to be a vital partner in helping participating OBI members maintain safe, healthy workplaces and remain competitive and successful.” OBI and SAIF Corporation have been working together since 1991 to offer the

SAIF OBI CompSAFE program. To learn more about this program (and to see if your business may qualify) visit the website at or contact your agent. To learn more about the many benefits of becoming an OBI member, visit them at or phone them directly at 800-452-7862.