Why Smart Oregon Businesses Choose AOI CompSAFE

AOI members may be eligible for major workers’ compensation discounts, thanks to our partnership with SAIF Corporation.

Since 1991, AOI has partnered with SAIF Corporation to deliver reliable workers’ compensation insurance to Oregon businesses – at significantly discounted rates. Now, SAIF’s Other State Coverage Program is available to eligible AOI CompSAFE members. AOI CompSAFE protects your employees…and your bottom line.

  • Over 750 businesses choose AOI CompSAFE for their workers’ compensation insurance needs.
  • They range from companies with less than 20 employees to corporations with over 500.
  • Most industrial sectors are represented – including Services, Manufacturing, Retail/Wholesale, Transportation and a general CompSAFE business category.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established corporation, AOI CompSAFE provides the service you need.

NOTE: AOI members meeting SAIF’s underwriting criteria are eligible for the industry-leading discounts on workers’ compensation premiums.

About SAIF

SAIF Corporation is Oregon’s not-for-profit, state-chartered workers’ compensation insurance company. SAIF is the market leader, issuing almost 50% of the policies in Oregon and providing coverage to more than 600,000 workers.
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About AOI

AOI is Oregon’s statewide business association advocating for a vigorous business climate. AOI’s mission is “To promote prosperity and the highest quality of life for all Oregonians by advancing Oregon business.”
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See How Much You Can Save

To see if you qualify for the CompSAFE program, contact your business insurance agent or contact SAIF Corporation at 888.598.5880 or servicecenter@saif.com for eligibility criteria.
If you have questions about AOI or AOI membership, contact 503.588.0050 or members@aoi.org.